Commercial Glazing

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Reactive Glazing

Network Glazing’s specialist commercial glazing team are experts in the repair and replacement of glass for commercial premises, this includes but not limited to emergency glazing repair to the replacement of shop front glass or cracked balustrades. They work swiftly and effectively to ensure that your commercial property remains secure and regulation-compliant.

Planned Glazing Maintenance

Network Glazing Limited offer many tailored preventative glazing maintenance packages to clients within the south of the UK. Our servicing and preventative glazing maintenance covers structural bolted glazing systems, roof-lights, glazed atriums, canopies, windows, facades and curtain wall. Our glazing maintenance packages are designed to keep the structures in serviceable condition year on year.

It’s proven that correct maintenance can double the serviceable lifespan of a typical commercial glazing and window system. Any commercial glazing system will only have a limited lifespan and regular planned cleaning and maintenance of a glazing system will increase its lifespan. We see it regularly that many issues with commercial glazing systems occur because of a direct result of poor ongoing maintenance.

Network Glazing offer Planned Glazing Maintenance works for windows, doors, curtain walling, atriums, canopies and rooflights etc. in a wide variety of locations, be it shopping centres, business/industrial estates, schools, commercial offices and high-rise residential buildings.

Our Planned Glazing Maintenance works include health and safety inspections, full glass and component cleaning, torque testing, weather gasket adjustment and replacement, sealant adjustment and replacement, replacement of missing or defective components, window hardware servicing and replacement.

Project Management (outsourced)

Network Glazing Limited offer a Project Management solution to fit your current business needs, fully qualified, multi skilled, multi trade, accredited Project Managers available for short or long term contracts. 

Project management outsourcing is a common and proven approach used by many companies to implement their project task, outsourcing allows a company to subcontract a particular area within the organization. A company may outsource project management or any other task or department for one or more reasons. However, in general, organizations commonly choose to outsource make use of expertise outside the company.

High Level Rope access

Network Glazing Limited offer an outsourced high level rope access glazing/maintenance, 20 years experienced – level 3 IRATA trained operatives. 

When access is required from height, there are usually two main options; scaffolding or industrial roped access,  along  with other types of access such as cherry pickers, alloy towers, MEWPS etc. It is a well-established fact however, that rope access is not only faster and more cost efficient, but overall it is actually safer. Of course, scaffolding will, always have a major place in the construction industry – and in the grand scheme of things some jobs will always be better suited to this well-respected method of access. However there are clear advantages and benefits of using Industrial Roped Access as a means of access compared with scaffolding.

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