Makesafe TM

Emergency Window Repair Kit – “A finished repair in minutes”

Make it safe

Emergency Window Repair kit gives the first person on the scene the tools required to temporarily MakeSafe the broken window/door glass, allowing trading to resume as soon as possible while waiting for the Glazier to attend to inspect and survey. This saves £’s in call out fees and lost trading. Make it safe with “MakeSafe”.

  • Easy to apply – no special tools or training required
  • Holds glass in position until replaced
  • Eliminates costly board-up charges
  • Clear Safety Film – no loss of natural light
  • Suitable for Commercial and Domestic application
Warning: MakeSafe is intended as a temporary solution and not a permanent repair. Broken and cracked glass is dangerous! Take care when using this product.
Temporary solution without MakeSafe
Temporary solution with MakeSafe

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